Here. In My Head. #10 now for sale!

Finally, Here. In My Head #10: The University Years, is out now!

£1.20 UK / $2.00 International

It’s 40 pages, half-sized, with a thick paper cover tied together with a pretty ribbon (the ribbons are all different colours; if you have a preference, let me know and I’ll send you one in that colour)!

Inside, I write about living away from home, academia, making friends, the Students’ Union, and graduation.  It’s mostly a collection of stories about my experiences, but there’s also some practical advice for students and would-be students, and lots of lists.  Perzine writers love making lists!  I’m really happy with how this issue has turned out – definitely the best issue of HIMH so far.

You can buy a copy via Paypal – just send £1.50 (£1.20 for the zine, plus 30p towards postage) to  It’ll also be on sale at Vampire Sushi and Marching Stars distros by the end of next week hopefully, if you prefer to buy your zines through them.  Or you can trade zines with me, though because this issue is so big it’ll have to be selective trades only.

By the way, did you guys know that July is Intenational Zine Month?  Alex Wrekk, the lady behind IZM, has posted a list of 31 ways to celebrate, a challenge for every day.

I haven’t had the energy to do all the challenges, but I will be doing a few, including making a 24-hour zine!  I’m hoping to complete the zine next week; I’ll keep you posted. 🙂  Join the conversation on Twitter using the hashtag #internationalzinemonth!


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8 responses to “Here. In My Head. #10 now for sale!

  1. I would love to trade with you! I make photozines, and I can give you a copy of my latest collection- 3 full bleed black and white zines printed on sugar paper.

  2. Super excited about this issue!
    (Sad you’ve got the apostrophe in the wrong place for Students’ Union though :P)

    • Catherine

      whoops, fixed! In the zine I’ve not used an apostrophe (“students union”), but I’ve just realised that that’s wrong too! Damnnnnnn. 😦

  3. Julie

    Hey there! I would love to buy a copy but I live in Canada – is there still a way I can get one?

    • Catherine

      Yeah sure! Just paypal me $2 to along with your address and I’ll sent it out to you 🙂

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